Racing Products

Racing Products

CAN Ethernet Bridge


Tritium’s CAN-Ethernet bridge makes it easy to form a virtual link between physically separated CAN networks. The CAN/Ethernet network arrangement is extremely flexible – you can connect the bridge point to point, over a local network or even via the internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The CAN-Ethernet bridge is compatible with all Tritium products.

WaveSculptor22 motor inverter


The WaveSculptor22 motor drive is a high-efficiency, low-weight, three-phase 14kW variable frequency inverter especially designed to drive high-efficiency, low-inductance, permanent magnet motors.

WaveSculptor200 motor inverter


The WaveSculptor200 is an extremely reliable, powerful, lightweight and ultra-compact three-phase motor controller. It can drive an AC permanent magnet motor or AC induction motor with a peak power of 165kVA and an average of over 75kVA.

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