Feb, 2019

The future of fast charging unveiled


Tritium: EVs and chargers of 2020 and beyond will empower Energy Freedom; Vision will be unveiled at South by Southwest

Presentation will change the way we think about EVs, the grid and zero-emissions driving as EV infrastructure market in the US prepares to grow to US$18.6 billion by 2030

Torrance, CA and Brisbane, Australia, February 25, 2019 – Tritium, a world leader in electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging technology, will unveil its vision for the future of the EV sector when it presents on the International Innovation Platform at South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Interactive in Austin, Texas. 

David Finn, CEO and Tritium co-founder and Jeff Wolfe, President, Americas, will present their vision for the next stage in the rapidly-evolving DC fast and ultra-fast charging technology sector on Tuesday, March 12 from 2:30-3:30PM.

“Our vision for more expansive development will change the very way we think about electric vehicles (EVs), their interaction with the grid, the future of e-mobility and zero-emissions driving, as well as the overall modernization of the utility grid,” said Mr. Finn. “We’ve cut the time it takes to charge an EV to about the same time it takes to fill a gas tank. Our Veefil-PK 175-475kW high-power chargers are already the fastest and most advanced and we’re deploying Fast Charging infrastructure around the world. We’re only going to accelerate from here on in – the EV future has arrived.” 

“While we continue to deploy systems globally, our secondary focus is developing what’s next, and we can’t wait to get to SXSW to share our vision.”

“At Tritium we control the largest, toughest distributed loads on the gird, and we will control the world’s largest battery system. This vision is what brought me to Tritium,” said Mr Wolfe, who recently joined Tritium in the newly-created role as President, Americas, to build on the company’s strong foothold in the US and capitalize on expected regional growth.

The Tritium Innovation Hour presentation will take place at the International Innovation Platform on Tuesday, March 12 from 2:30-3:30PM. Tritium is also exhibiting its product and vision at the Trade Show in Stand #1736 as part of its SXSW Interactive program, from March 10-13. 

Recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Energy, Tritium is expanding its operations in the US to respond to the accelerating uptake of electric vehicles and the corresponding infrastructure needed to power them. The U.S. EV infrastructure market is conservatively on pace to grow to US$18.6 billion by 2030. 

Just two years ago, Tritium opened its first office in the US in Torrance, California. The Los Angeles-area facility, which combines domestic manufacturing with research and development (R&D), supports a team of 20 across the nation, as part of a global workforce of more than 300 and climbing. 

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a Fortive Corporation (“Fortive”) (NYSE: FTV) business took a minority investment in Tritium in 2018 that will enable Tritium to accelerate a number of strategic activities, including operational expansion in North America and Europe. 

Tritium’s proactive investments in the US market have led to significant working relationships with US government agencies and industry groups, including $400,000 in federal funding by the US Department of Energy to Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to develop an ultra-fast charging system that can connect directly to the medium voltage grid. 

About Tritium

Tritium is a technology company that designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced DC fast-charging equipment for electric vehicles (EV). Established in 2001 to provide power-electronic systems and battery energy-storage applications, Tritium became one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies with the launch of its first DC fast charger in 2014. In just four years, Tritium developed into a leading global DC fast charging (DCFC) supplier with installations in 27 countries. Tritium currently holds around 50% of the world-leading market in Norway and around 15% of the wider global market for 50kW fast chargers. Tritium customers include, EDF Lumins, Fortum, Grønn Kontakt, IONITY and Stromnetz. Tritium’s global headquarters and main manufacturing plant is in Brisbane, Australia. Additional sales and manufacturing facilities in Amsterdam and the Los Angeles region ensure attention to key markets in Europe and the Americas.

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