Feb, 2020

Field Engineer


Job ID: 002


This position reports directly to the Customer Support Manager at Tritium BV and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Operating as a key member of Tritium’s European team, the Field Engineer will be responsible for all pre- and post-sale technical field support. This role is solutions, integration and services oriented focusing on finding solutions for their customers, over their best customer experience on owning Tritium EV charging.


Key responsibilities for this role include, but are not limited to:

  • Execute all field service activities (e.g. install, test, commission, diagnose, repair, support, etc) on Tritium systems according to Tritium Policies and Procedures, and/or coordinate external teams on the execution of those activities
  • Liaise with all clients/suppliers in a professional and courteous manner with a view to improve Tritium’s reputation within the industry and increase business opportunities. 
  • Work with subcontractors on site and remotely, by guiding and monitoring them throughout their interventions on Tritium products, representing Tritium in alignment with our company values. For time to time, you will be required to audit their services and reports to secure the upmost quality and accuracy of their services and reports. 
  • Comply with all necessary safety procedures, as reflected in Tritium Policies and Procedures
  • Work within ISO9001 equivalent quality Standards, and any other local regulation or company regulation
  • Secure the remote supervision, monitoring, assistance, operational performance and fast resolution of Tritium charger’s networks under Tritium support and supervision
  • Provide and receive training and support to the broader Customer Support team, End of Line Testing, Internal Repairs and Engineering when needed
  • Generate and submit timely high-quality reports and other technical documentation outputs from your work, on the field and outside the field, using the defined systems. In addition to specified reports, it is expected you provide product improvements where you see fit and feed-back customer input.
  • Be hands on and work in accordance with the defined SOPs
  • Work in accordance to the schedule provided to you in a weekly base
  • Travel to the Tritium sites as required (approximately 80% of the time)
  • Performed integration, validation and verification testing, by collaborating with internal  teams and vendors to integrate, debug, fix and improve products, documenting development phases and monitor systems.
  • Participate and innovate the best practices and processes on the Customer journey from the integration, acquisition, installation, commissioning and operational lifetime of his ownership of the Tritium solutions

Qualifications and Accountability

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or relevant field experience
  • Hands-on experience with Linux environments 
  • Good experience with general electronics design and familiarity with processor-controlled devices
  • Experience working with LV mains to 480VAC and DC systems up to 1000V
  • Affinity working with PCB's/ESD sensitive equipment
  • Understanding of OCPP protocol, programming, integrating and debugging
  • Excellent time management skills, especially while on site. 
  • High level ability to understand the environment at the site. 
  • Excellent local and remote diagnosing, problem definition, problem-solving, troubleshooting, and communication skills. 
  • Ability to provide step-by-step technical help, both written and verbal, using local remote desktop applications and help desk software as needed. 
  • Flexibility for travelling within Europe as required to provide on-site installation coordination, test & commissioning's and technical support, with short reaction time.