The Veefil-RT is the ideal EV charger for any location.

Small footprint

The small footprint of the Veefil-RT means you have many more location options for installing it compared with larger, more cumbersome chargers. It fits easily into most locations where you can get power to it. Whether it is in front of a supermarket, outside a restaurant, in a parking lot or in an apartment basement – the Veefil-RT makes it easy to bring EV charging infrastructure into your world.

High environmental protection

The IP65 rating for the Veefil-RT means it can be installed, and will operate reliably, in a wide range of environments. IP65 ensures that the outside ‘stays out’ and helps the charger to operate in an optimal state.

Broad range of operating temperatures

The Veefil-RT has proven itself in the cold of northern Scandinavia and the heat of tropical northern Australia. It is guaranteed to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -35 to +50 degrees Celsius (-31 to +122 Fahrenheit).



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