EasyGo and eir Transform Defunct Phone Booths to EV Charging Sites

Blog, Case Studies 03/27/2023

Finding space for EV charging infrastructure in Ireland’s dense and compact cities, towns, and villages can be a challenge. Street parking is limited and many residents don’t have access to car parks outfitted with direct current (DC) electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers. EasyGo, has teamed up with Ireland’s leading telecommunications company, eir, to find a solution. eir is working with EasyGo to convert hundreds of former telephone booth locations to DC fast charging locations. EasyGo chose Tritium’s 50-75kW all-in-one, modular DC fast chargers to get the job done and serve the needs of drivers. 

About EasyGo 

EasyGo is the largest private car charging network operating in Ireland. It hosts and operates more than 3,000 chargers throughout the country and has more than 35,000 subscribers. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Maynooth, Kildare. EasyGo’s mission is to provide EV drivers with the network they need to make sustainable transport a reality. EasyGo has approximately 30 employees and offices in Belfast and Cork. EasyGo are supported by Rubicon, one of the world’s leading investment banking firms focused solely on the infrastructure, energy, and utilities sectors. 


According to the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), about 1 out of every 7 cars sold in Ireland in 2022 were fully electric. Ireland needs a network of fast chargers to keep up with growing demand. Additionally, transport accounts for one-third of Ireland’s energy-related CO2 emissions so increasing adoption of EVs is a key aspect in Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.  

Ireland’s eir phone booth locations are great for building that network, but they were never meant to have a large footprint. When EasyGo was tasked with converting the spaces into EV charging sites, they needed an all-in-one charger with a compact footprint that could be easily installed in the same space as a typical phone booth. The chargers would also need to provide reliable, fast charging capable of recharging an EV in a matter of minutes to maximize charger usage. 


EasyGo chose Tritium’s RTM compact and modular 50-75kW DC fast chargers. Two RTM chargers can easily fit in the space formerly occupied by a single phone booth. The charger is sealed against the elements (IP65 rated), is liquid cooled, and is modular which means it can be easily upgraded, maintained, and serviced. “The RTM is the perfect solution for tight spaces like the former eir phone booth plots,” said Chris Kelly, Founder and Technical Director of EasyGo. “And its modular design lets us configure it based on site power availability—some sites can handle 75kW chargers, others 50kW. The RTM gives us the flexibility to spec the right charger for the location.” 

EasyGo ordered more than 200 Tritium RTM chargers to install at sites around Ireland. The chargers will be configured to deliver 50kW or 75kW based on site power availability. 


Photo Credit: EasyGo

EasyGo and eir launched their new program in May 2022 and installed Tritium chargers at 70 locations in the counties of Offaly, Mayo, Cavan, Waterford, Kilkenny, and Tipperary. EasyGo are actively engaged with other local authorities to identify 120 additional locations across Ireland to install new Tritium DC fast chargers, and this program will be delivered at zero cost to county councils. 

“Electric vehicles are a critical part of the Government’s Climate Action Plan which sets out a target of almost one million electric vehicles on the road by 2030,” said eir CEO Oliver Loomes. “We are proud to partner with EasyGo and each of these county councils to assist in the installation of EV charging points across the country. This new infrastructure will benefit the community the way the public payphone service once did. Today, EasyGo and eir are in discussion with county councils across the country, and we hope others will follow this lead. By replacing unused infrastructure with fast EV charging, we are helping to make the transition to electric vehicle ownership a viable alternative for people across Ireland.” 


  • 200 Tritium RTM chargers configured for 50kW or 75kW 
  • 200 charging locations across Ireland 
  • 35,000 EasyGo subscribers 
  • 3,000 total EasyGo chargers (Jan. 2023) 

Tritium Charger Used

Tritium’s stand-alone RTM75 50kW-75kW DC fast charger is perfect for retail environments or anywhere a compact, all-in-one charger is required. 

  • Deliver up to 75kW power output
  • 1,998mm x 783mm x 309mm (78.6” x 30.8” x 12.1”)
  • IP65 and NEMA 3R weather seal rating
  • Operating temperature range: -35°C to +50°C (-31°F to +122°F)
  • Plugs: CCS (up to 200-920V/350A DC) and CHAdeMO (up to 200-920V/200A)
  • Simultaneous charging ready
  • Optional contactless 3-in-1 credit card reader
  • ISO15118 “Plug and Charge” ready
  • Multi-language support
  • Ethernet & 3G/4G wireless communication
  • 6m (19’6’) cables with cable management or 3m (10’) cables without cable management
  • 10.1” LCD display
  • LED lighting
  • Custom vinyl wraps available
  • Compliant with global accessibility standards