When Steve and Dee West imported their first EVs into New Zealand in 2012 they realised that EV charging infrastructure in the country was not only lacking but completely non-existant.


They canvassed government and local authorities but were told that as there was no demand, there was no need. It simply wasn’t a priority for government at that time. But this seemed like madness to Steve who firmly believed that EV’s were the future of mobility.


It didn’t take too much soul searching to realise that there was an untapped opportunity here for someone to get In at the forefront of this emerging technology. In 2015, the family decided to create a network of DC rapid chargers nationwide. The business plan has been evolving ever since, and now extends to 105 DC stations along the major State Highways and cities.


After searching the world for a product, Steve chose the Veefil DC 50 kW Charger from Tritium. “The technology in these machines is miles ahead of the closest competitor,” he says. “As well as their advanced telemetry, and unique water cooling tech, the Veefil takes up a small footprint while looking distinctive and sexy.”


ChargeNet NZ has now been operating for more than two years and has gone from just two staff in the beginning to ten staff members. They have had to move to bigger premises and are regularly importing the biggest shipments of EV Chargers ever seen in New Zealand.


ChargeNet chargers are wrapped individually to reflect both the company’s branding and any collaborative partner logos, such as host or local power companies.


EV ownership is still in its infancy in New Zealand, however, EV uptake is growing exponentially with a NZ government objective to reach 64,000 EVs on the road by 2021.


“If you build it they will come,” is a motto that has driven the company from day one.

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