History & Heritage


From solar cars to innovation in electric vehicle charging

Tritium is founded on a passion for innovative power electronic systems. This interest was first nurtured within the SunShark solar car racing team in 1999. As a small team with limited funding, SunShark achieved world prominence in its field, proving that creativity can solve any problem.

World Solar Challenge – SunShark ‘99

The World Solar Challenge of 1999 attracted many of the world’s premier car makers with multi-million dollar budgets competing alongside university and independent teams.

To maintain its position amongst such an esteemed field of competitors, the SunShark ‘99 project was necessarily ambitious. In the space of two years almost every part of the car was redesigned to be lighter, more efficient, or take advantage of new component technology.

Deep Sea Challenge

The Deep Sea Challenge project was movie director James Cameron’s (Avatar, Titanic) solo depth diving project, where he set the world record for depth diving in an electric submarine. Tritium’s James Kennedy (pictured far left) contributed battery management expertise as a member of the Deep Sea Challenge team.

For this expedition, Cameron squeezed into a pilot sphere so small he could not extend his arms. He was the sole occupant in a complex, 7.3m craft made of highly-specialised glass foam. During the expedition Cameron filmed footage for a feature-length documentary and collected samples for historic scientific research of the deepest part of the ocean. State-of-the-art engineering expertise (including Tritium’s) guaranteed the expedition a success.

From innovation comes global growth

In 2017 Tritium expanded globally, opening an office in Torrance (CA) United States to serve the Americas region. Tritium’s commitment to this region is reflected in the company setting up manufacturing facilities at its Torrance site, as well as achieving compliance with the Buy America certification program.

In 2018 Tritium opened its third office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Through this office Tritium will further expand into the rapidly growing European market with dedicated European sales and customer support teams.