Solar Car Racing

Tritium has been working with solar car racing technology for more than a decade, starting out as participants and place winners. Many of our customers over that time have built very competitive vehicles that have done well in solar car races all around the world.

Perhaps one of the most enduring solar car teams in Australia has been the Aurora Solar Car team which has competed in every World Solar Challenge and consistently shown leadership in the evolution of solar car performance improvements, challenging the accepted definition of the solar car.

The components used by different teams in their cars can vary widely, however the CSIRO/Marand wheel motor has been around for more than a decade and seems to be a consistent choice for the drivetrain. Many teams using the WaveSculptor22 have paired it with this motor with good results. Tritium have a number of solar car solutions for both the drivetrain as well as the user interface and control of the vehicle.

Motor controller

IQ Battery management system

CAN Bus driver controls

LCD driver display