Solar car racing products

Tritium has its origins in the solar car racing world, and has been working with solar car racing technology for fifteen years. The components developed by Tritium’s founders for their own solar race cars have been adopted around the world by successful solar car race teams. Tritium remains committed to the solar car race sector and has continued to develop and support its most popular products for this market.

How to shop

Tritium offers three core products in its Racing range: WaveSculptor22, WaveSculptor200, CAN Ethernet Bridge.


When you buy either of the WaveSculptor products, you can choose from the following options:

  • Motor interface type (included in the base price)
  • Additional motor interfaces (extra cost)
  • EV Driver controls (optional, but cost applies)


After you choose your options, you can add the package to your cart. When you check out we receive your order and arrange payment offline after we confirm production timelines with you. Note: 1x CAN-Ethernet Bridge included with each WaveSculptor purchase.

If you are looking for information about any other Tritium Race Products, please visit our Legacy Products page.

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